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Dear Younger Self, Read This...

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Ever written yourself a letter? 
It's something to think about. Would you write to your younger self? I know I have so many things I wish I could say there! Things to do, even more things NOT to do! When I think of writing my future self, I could fill up pages and pages of hopes and dreams, wishes for my life. And then, it somehow looks like less of a letter and more of a prayer. 
Writing a letter to our younger self can be quiet heart-healing, though provoking and therapeutic. The same goes for writing to your older self, but here's the big difference between the two from our Heavenly Father's perspective:
He loves you. 
He loves who you were, who you are and who you will be. 
He was there in those younger years. Watching, waiting, protecting and providing. He always will be...if you'll have Him. 
He doesn't look at you and remember ever single mistake you made. He doesn't look at you and think of all the times you haven't run to Him when that's what He was wanting you to do, so He could help. Your mistakes are not what define you to Him. All the right things are what define you to Him. Big and small. 
Your future excites Him, Beloved! He has written SUCH an amazing story for you to tell! Every chapter may not be without it's valleys, but every chapter is about you and hopefully Him. 
Young, old and in-between, you're His favorite! 
Today, as you rock your Glory Active wear, ponder what a letter to your younger or older self would look like. It would be a great way to push through that 5 mile run you've been wanting to complete. Think on these things, Beloved. And make sure to listen to what He has to say to yourself right now. Who you are today.
XO, Carrie
Glory Active Team Member & Brand Rep

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