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I learned something this week. 


I've just returned home from a week long mission trip, loving and ministering to people who don't know Jesus.  I'm not talking about knowing ABOUT Him. I'm talking about people who have literally never heard that Name before. Ever. It was a huge shock to me. 


During my time with them, I learned that these people don't NEED Jesus. They have everything: beautiful homes, plenty of money, a healthy lifestyle and a breathtaking island to call home. They are, in every sense of the word, comfortable. When approached about church, the Bible or anything Jesus, it's not that they are against it, it's that they have no need for it.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", right? 


So, like every one of us, we pray for the Holy Spirit to show them their brokenness, their sin, their need. You and I know that anything without Jesus is a mess. And even though they may not see that mess, He's holding it all together. Why? Because even when we ignore Him, EVEN WHEN WE IGNORE HIM, He pursues us. Why? Because He loves us. Why? Because we're broken. All of us. It's in our broken seasons where some of the sweetest moments take place. 


So, as you pray for his week, ask God to help people all around the world to see the potential of their brokenness... in their lives and in yours. 

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