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Our Story: The Beginning of a New Glory

Glory Active is the FIRST Christian Women's premium activewear line including sports bras, pocket leggings and jackets that is here to give the big brands a run for their share in this market of athleisure and athletic apparel.

Glory Active is made for those whose faith encourages them to do what they were made to do, and go where they were made to go. So to help them do this, we offer premium performance quality activewear uniquely hand decorated with designs of inspiring faith-based messages, allowing them to choose activewear with great performance along with sharing their other most important passion, their faith. 

Glory existed as a dream I've had over a decade percolating in my head. As a competitive collegiate athlete now a businesswoman, I always dreamed to work with the best sports apparel company, with athletes and with those pursuing active lifestyles where I could lead and build relationships between them and the apparel they wear to help them reach their dreams and use that platform to share my biggest passion, my faith. But I never knew how to explain what I wanted the job to be or what it would look like exactly. That part of the dream was never clearer until now.  

My dream of Glory Active is one of fully trusting God to make beauty out of the ashes, because Glory Active was born out of my lowest point, a shattering of a life I knew and a rededication to my faith in God. The true story starts with my struggle with the worst, most painful year of my life, shedding countless tears from deep heartbreak, overwhelming deceit, cruel dishonesty, and career loss that spiraled me into a depression. In the midst of my loss and deep pain, I opened myself completely willing to whatever and wherever God wanted me to be, because I felt so hurt and broken and lost. So out of a point of prayer when I told God I can't handle this anymore, I've gone as far as I can on my own with this, I surrender I have no more strength to give. One week later God began to answer my prayers, bringing old and new people into my life as amazing helpers. And one night a simple question from a friend, asking me "I am SURE you are passionate about something, so what are you passionate about?" impacted me and refocused my very lost self. I knew what I was passionate about, but he had no idea how full of question that was for me as I had given it up and there was a fear to pick it back up again. I didn't give him an answer that night, but I do remember when I woke up early that next morning in March of 2017, the first thing I did was write down the answer:  

I am passionate about my Savior Jesus Christ, athletes (also those driven to pursue active lifestyles) and sports apparel.  

That late Spring morning, immediately right after I wrote that down, it all came together in an idea I'd never thought of before, but I don't believe it to be my idea, I believe it was God's idea. I felt called to start a full line of Christian women's activewear and athleisure with inspired messaging, designs or verses from the Bible artistically decorated on each item to glorify Him with the feminine beauty he created in all women to bless and encourage. And that's when Glory Active turned into a reality, as I made the decision to obediently go after making this idea happen!  

I had goosebumps. And honestly it scared me to make the plunge, but here I am now launching it soon, fully excited of what's going to happen for His glory with Glory Active. Starting my own business takes me out of my comfort zone, but all I know is I just have to try, especially when I feel God is calling me to do this now.

God is definitely stretching me, kinda like a good pair of leggings, ha! But this statement I believe is true: nothing great has ever been accomplished without great risk. 

So now here we are, and very excited to share: Glory Active to launch November 20, 2017!


Thanks for your wonderful support,

JoAnna Weaver

Founder of Glory Active 

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