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4 Truths For When You Feel Alone And Discouraged

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Having a bad day? Tough day feeling alone? 

Somedays I know for myself I just can't seem to think positively or I'm stuck feeling like nothing is going as planned or should I dare say nothing feels like it's going well for me, and I am all by myself in this. I don't feel like I have any energy to pull on my leggings or strap on my running shoes these days. I don't feel like I can go to the gym by myself today. And I start thinking I can't do this today, I can't keep going, or I feel so alone and discouraged with my path. When I get to feeling so down and discouraged, I just want to give up. You ever feel that way?

On days like these, there is something about being reminded that you're not alone that is so powerful. And you're not, you have a helper with you always, a helper that will give you the strength you need if you let Him. He will also lift you up and comfort you to get you moving again. He will because He is the Lord who promises to be your helper, your strength, your comfort and that you are not alone because He is always around, above, with, and inside us, if we believe God is who He says he is. 

Here are the 4 truths to encourage you to get back up and that you are not in this alone:

1. Above you are God's overshadowing wings -- Psalm 91:4

2. Beneath you are God's everlasting arms -- Deuteronomy 33:27

3. All around you is the Angel of the Lord -- Psalm 34:7

4. Inside you is God's peace -- Philippians 4:7

 So remind yourself of these verses and be encouraged. God's got you and He is always with you. Because the truth is, you are not alone. :)



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