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A Question I Will Never Forget

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Friends, I have a question for you. 
A dear mentor and friend of mine, asked me this a while ago and I told her I would never forget it. She said, "Precious one, how's your heart?" 
I think we often get caught up in the "hello, how are you's" and "how you doing's" but we really (myself included) don't always expect an answer longer than "I'm good.”
So, I'm asking who are reading this right who may be having SUCH an awesome day so’re eating right and moving much...maybe you haven’t been eating right and you just don’t feel like moving today...maybe you’re down 5 pounds and you are feeling like a million bucks...or maybe you’re allowing those numbers on the scale and the tags in your clothes to determine your value, your identity, your worth. 
Today may be going great. Or you may be ready to crumble at any given moment...
Whatever you’re experiencing right now, can I tell you (without even knowing you) how STRONG you are? How PRICELESS you are? How BEAUTIFUL you are?
Choose today, to live and make choices that determine your worth. To Jesus, you’re worth a whole lot, sister!!! Believe it. Live it out. 
And tell me, sweet friend. 
How's your heart?❤💗❤
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