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Happy Valentine's Day, ladies. 
Don't you love it? The reds, the pinks, the glitter and hearts? The flowers? And oh, the sweets! Yum. 
Every Valentine's, for years now, all I can think of is marshmallows. I love 'em. I love the taste, but more than that, I love the lessons I've learned through them. I came across a video years ago on youtube. It's called the Marshmallow Test. I want you to go watch it for yourself, so I won't spoil it for you! (It's only a couple minutes long and worth all your time, I assure you!) 
The gist of the test is this: they bring a child (ages 3-6 isn) into a boring, empty room. One by one, they plop 'em in a chair at a table and place a small plate holding one marshmallow. There is a hidden camera that the little one has no idea about. The test monitor explains gently to the child that they need to leave the room for a second and instruct the child NOT to eat the marshmallow while they're gone. 
"If you wait, I'll give you two when I get back." The little one agrees and gets comfy in his or her seat, purposing to wait for the two rather than indulging in the one right before their little eye balls. Well, the monitor stays away for longer than a second. And the hidden camera shows how difficult it is for the baby child to resist the deliciousness set before them. Some kiddos take a bite. Others wait. Some just smell it, hoping it'll curb their temptation. Others close their little eyes and try to think about somethin' else. 
It's hilarious. It's adorable. 
And it's such a picture of life, y'all! 
Jesus, in His GREAT LOVE for us, LONGS to give us more. 
Check out what God says about His permissive versus His perfect will in the Bible. 
This Valentine's Day - and this whole year long - choose to wait for His perfect will, rather than succumbing to His permissive will. Don't settle, girl. Don't you settle for one marshmallow when God wants to give you two. Don't you settle for one mile when you know you can go the extra. Don't you dare go on one more date with that guy that doesn't make you feel like the prize that you are. Don't waste your time with friends that drain you and pull you down - choose the friends who value you and see your beautiful heart in all it's glory. Most of all, don't you listen to those lies in your mind telling you that you are a "one marshmallow type of gal." Don't you believe that, sweet one. 
Aren't you worth it? 
I say you most definitely are.
You're worth two jumbo marshmallows and more. 
You just gotta be patient. 
And you know what they say about patience, don't cha?
That's what love is. <3 
Happy Valentine's. 

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