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I got up extra early to knock out a short run this morning. Set out everything I'd need: my shoes, socks, shorts, tshirt, sports bra and my iPod, newly loaded with some killer jams. I walked out side, still dark, and noticed it was raining. I thought about just going for it. I'm sweet, but I wouldn't melt. A little rain never hurt nobody, right? 


I'd like to tell you, I threw caution to the wind and ran my little heart out that rainy Tuesdaymorning. I'd like to tell you that it was so calm, quiet and peaceful that I didn't even turn on my iPod, I just prayed and listened. I'd like to tell you that I knocked an entire minute off my mile time and that the rest of my work day, I was energized and productive. 


I'd like to tell you those things. 


I turned around and got back in bed. 


Plans change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for worse. So whatever life throws you this week, remember that you have a choice. You can push through it. You can keep running. You can choose to see the light when everything around you is dark. 


So, set out your Glory Active wear, your best running shoes and favorite sports bra. Have your pod ready, but be ready to listen to His voice, too... because unlike the weather, He never changes. 

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