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Hello, Beautiful. That's right, I'm talking to you.

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Hello, Beautiful. 

Yep, that’s right. I’m talking to you. 

You, sitting there at your desk, watching the clock tick tock as your list of tasks multiply. You, waiting at the doctor’s office for an obscene amount of time. Maybe you’re there for your lovely annual (ugh!) or perhaps you’re back to hear about those test results. Maybe you’re on your 4th round of chemo and you’re just t.i.r.e.d.

Speaking of tired, maybe you’re that stay at home Mama who works tirelessly ALL hours of the day…with no appreciation. No one to see how many times you’ve mopped the floors, organized the closets, changed those awful diapers, rocked those sick babies all night long.

Or maybe your nights look differently than rocking back and forth in your great-grandmother’s rocking chair. Maybe most of your nights include the trendiest night clubs, massive parties, drinks and dancing with your posse. You work hard to pay those bills and by George, you deserve to have some fun. Livin’ fo the weekend! 

Maybe the weekdays and weekends all blend together because you’re so indescribably lonely. You’d give anything to have a boyfriend, husband, family, a friend. 

Maybe you’re a mixture of these or none of them at all. Whatever your life looks like in this season, no matter where youre spending your Saturday nights, the most important question is this:

Are you fulfilled?

What are you living for?  Your family? Your job? Your friends? Your social status?

Maybe a better question is WHO are you living for? If the answer is anything, but Jesus, then you’re not living life to the fullest. Jesus loves fulfilling our hearts, blessing our lives and having favor over us even when we don’t notice. 

True fulfillment comes from when we acknowledge that our existence is solely based on bringing Him….GLORY.

Keep on keepin’ on as you wipe those snotty faces and change those nasty diapers. Keep on keepin’ in that office where the work piles up ‘err day. Keep on keepin’ on as you effortlessly zip up that sequined mini skirt thanks to all those salads you committed to eat for the week. And for you, beautiful, lonely friend, your life is about to change.  His favor is upon you.  
So, from one hard-workin’ woman to another, let’s remember this:
The best way up is down. And that’s what brings Him GLORY. 

Hello You!

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