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What are your goals? 


Are you training for a fitness competition? An iron man? Half marathon? 5K? 


Are you on of those who just runs to stay healthy and maybe (gasp) you're one of the ones who finds it (gulp) therapeutic? 


That's awesome. Whatever your motivation, applaud yourself for following through. 


If you're anything like me, what you're wearing while you're running may also effect your time, distance and performance overall. That's because the way you feel about your self effects your confidence and your behavior follows accordingly. So, it's true. Bad hair days can sometimes mean a bad day overall. 5 unwanted pounds can make or break a person. How we look effects our emotions. It effects our identity, our self worth. 


That's what we want to remedy here at Glory Active. We want you to be SO confident in your abilities that your motivated to get out of bed and hit the gym, the road, the treadmill with a smile on your face...and even more, in your heart. 


Now, a pair of leggings, flown tank or comfy hoodie can't do all this alone (but it can definitely help make exercise A LOT more fun!) You've got to train yourself to see you the way God sees you...that's the goal. 


So what if that scale number just won't come down? He adores you. You're worth your weight in gold to Him!

So what if you can't seem to push past that 12 minute mile pace? You're moving. That's more than a lot of people can say. 

So what if you're not an iron man or iron woman?! You're strong, you're valuable. 


Keep pushing on toward your goals, friend. 

And add this new one: to see yourself through the eyes of God. 


What you believe about yourself determines your behavior. 

Your actions follow your beliefs. 

Jesus loves me. 

Write it on you bathroom mirror. Look at it every day. Choose to believe it every day because it's just as important to keep your heart on track as it is your body. 

It all starts with the heart, friends. 


Now if that doesn't make you want to strap on those running shoes, I don't know what will!!

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