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Not Just Another Sports Apparel Brand

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Can you name more than a handful of athletic apparel brands? Think there are plenty of sports apparel brands out there?

There might be a lot out there, but there isn't one that intently is designed to allow premium fitness AND leisure lifestyle apparel to CONNECT WITH your faith values. 

What if there was such a faith-based premium athleisure apparel brand? 

That's was what I wanted. I wished there was such a Christian athletic and athleisure apparel brand that truly focuses on women of faith that may not necessarily consider themselves athletes, but desire to have an active lifestyle. It's where those women, along with women who do consider themselves athletes can both come together and appreciate a premium line of Christian activewear. A line where the products are made with quality and integrity that competes with the big brands out there, but also has something those big brands don't have: a higher purpose made fully to glorify our Creator.  

I wished with all the options out there that I could wear something proudly that makes me feel good about myself, allows me to be free and comfortable, and allows me to support my faith and share words of encouragement to myself and to others. To wear something so positive and so meaningful, means that it no longer just becomes another pair of leggings or another performance tank top, but it holds an intrinsic value of higher purpose and beauty. 

Athletic apparel worn makes a statement about you, whether you realize it or not. And it's a pretty bold statement about you, your style, your values, your personality. Think about that. What you wear reflects a lot about who you are. Even Shakespeare eloquently put it in Hamlet, "the apparel oft proclaims the man".

So instead of my wishing of such brand existing, and knowing that apparel reflects so much about a person, I decided to do something about it, and make it happen.

And so, Glory Activewear was created, as it's my desire to create activewear that helps people attain not only their active lifestyle and goals but also to create a beautiful avenue to sport their faith and share the greatest glory there is! 

Join the family and be actively living in Glory, for His Glory.

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