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How Glory Active All Happened...

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Glory Active is new Christian activewear company that is here to give the big brands a run for their share in this market of athletic apparel and athleisure.

Glory Active is made for those whose faith encourages them to do what they were made to do, and go where they were made to go. So to help them do this, we offer premium performance quality activewear uniquely hand printed with designs of inspiring faith-based messages, allowing them to choose activewear with great performance along with sharing their other most important passion, their faith. 

Glory Active is my dream since I was 17 years old, now turned into a clear reality in 2017. As a competitive collegiate athlete now a businesswoman, my heart's desire was to work in a sports apparel company, with athletes and those with active lifestyles where I could lead and build relationships between them and the apparel they wear to help them reach their dreams and use that platform to share my faith. But I never knew how to explain what I wanted the job to be or what it would look like exactly. Those parts of the dream were never clear until now.  

My dream of Glory Active becoming reality actually is a story of heartbreak and being an overcomer, fully trusting God to make beauty out of the ashes during my lowest time in my life. Glory Active was born out of a tough season with my faith in God and a shattering of a life I knew. For most of 2017, Its been the most painful year of my life, so many tears from terrible heartbreak, betrayal, deceit, and on top of that job loss. In the midst of my shaken career and deep heartache, I felt no security. I felt no strength. I felt heavy loss. The only thing I could do was surrender, so I surrendered to God, and became completely willing to make my next step in life to be honoring God whatever he would ask me to do. So months of prayers and waiting on God with a tender broken heart and loss of career, God began to answer and gently put the pieces of my heart back together. He started answering me by reminding me of my dream, my passion that has been with me all along, yet felt so distant because of a life I had come to settle for. But that life was not my future, as God was showing me that the rejection I felt from a deceitful man and toxic job, was actually Him protecting me and my future. God reminded me that He wants better for me. He reminded me about that same passion perculating in my heart since I was 17, and so I wrote it down the next morning:

I am passionate about my Savior Jesus Christ, athletes (also those driven to pursue active lifestyles) and sports apparel.  

And that late Spring morning in 2017, immediately after writing it down, all my passions came together with an idea. I felt God called me, gave me the idea to start working on a business/ministry of Christian women's activewear and athleisure with inspired messaging, designs or verses from the Bible artistically decorated on each item to glorify Him. And as I wrote down the very first business plan, I realized my background had me well experienced in imprinted apparel & goods and traditional & e-commerce retail industries. When I could see how my eclectic experience connected to this endeavor, I had goosebumps. 

And honestly it scared me to take the plunge, but here I am now launching Glory Active soon, fully excited of what's going to happen for His glory with this, amidst the odds and the stats against me. Starting my own business is a risk, and homestly takes me out of my comfort zone, but all I know is I just have to try, especially when I feel God is calling me to do this now. I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur, and that is where this is a total God thing, as He knew what I didn't know I could do. He makes this happen with my willing heart to take the leap. And He makes no mistakes. 

God is definitely stretching me, kinda like a good pair of leggings, ha! And as they say, nothing great has ever been accomplished without great risk. I've been amazed at what He has done with me, and my heart can't wait to see what He does with Glory Active for all the women out there. 

I have struggled and felt like giving up, but I couldn't quit when I know God is in this somehow, someway, and there is power in knowing He is the driving reason behind this. In the same way I hope Glory Active continues to help remind women, including myself when struggling, feeling like giving up, feeling not good enough, stuck thinking you can't, to let them all know they CAN when God is with you, because all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength. 

So finally, after these many hard months, here we are, Glory Active is launching grand opening to all, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH! 


Those who shared their email with us as of yesterday get a First Access/First Look on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2017!   



JoAnna Weaver

Founder/CEO of Glory Active 


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