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Preparation BEFORE Provision

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Also, we loved this blog so much we wanted to share out this post from Propel with Christine Caine: 


Preparation BEFORE Provision.

God makes the impossible possible. He is the author of life-changing, world-altering miracles! But God’s timeline is different from our own because He’s not driven by hunger, need, or impatience as we are. And more often than not, the best miracles take time.

We so often want everything now, even if we aren’t ready for it. But we can’t outsmart or outmaneuver God’s timing. We can’t skip the preparation that needs to take place.

Even Jesus Himself valued preparation when performing one of His most memorable miracles. Before feeding a large crowd with five loaves of bread and two fish, He instructed the disciples to organize the crowd into groups (Mark 6:39-40). He could have just as easily given them the food right where they were sitting, but He took the extra time to put order, structure, and systems in place. The miracle began only after they were all seated in groups and counted.

In other words, preparation preceded provision.

God has told us this is a time of preparation—more is happening than we know or can see! That’s why we must persist in being about the Father’s business even when we feel like nothing is happening. God wants us to develop the character, wisdom, and structure to sustain His abundance.

So don’t devalue this time of preparation. Through Him, ordinary people with ordinary lives will be given opportunities to step into the extraordinary!

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Christine 💛


We hope this encouraged you, as it did us!

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