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Remember how God gave Joseph the ability to interpret dreams? 


I think that's so cool. 


I could have used a Joseph this morning to interpret my dreams last night! They were doozies!! 


First, I found myself on a huge cruise ship vacationing with my family and friends...friends who I don't think would ever vacay with us, but that's how dreams work, right? We were enjoying all the activities on board when, you guessed it! Something WEIRD happened! Our ship crashed into not one, but two fairies. Now, in typical dream fashion, the setting went from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic side. Poof. Just like that. Magical. 


Anyway, when we crashed, nothing happened at first, but then we began to sink. It would make sense that in the panic and scramble to survive, you'd search for your loved ones and then be first in line for a life boat, right? 




Not in my dream. 


I frantically searched for my most prized possession (in my dream). 


A hot pink, stuffed octopus named Hank. Yes, Hank. From Finding Dory....who's orange. Not hot pink. 


So weird. 


Long story short, Mike Rowe rescued me. I was separated from most of my family and friends, but I wasn't that worried about it. Harsh. He took me to a safe place... a shark tank in Sea World. He plopped me right in it and basically said that if I make it out alive, then he'll take me home. I woke up at 1:30am with my heart racing. 


I stared wondering WHY I dreamed that and then I started wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD it all meant?? 


I wish I could end this with some super, amazing realization of what the message was behind my cray cray dream was, but... I got nothin'. 


Ever been there, friends? Searching for meaning behind all the confusion? 


Meeeee too.


Just keep swimming.

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