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Are you angry about something/someone right now? Only you know the details behind that emotion and only you are responsible for how you manifest and cope with that feeling. 



Some may be quick to associate anger with sin. It makes you feel bad, therefore, it must BE bad....maybe. Maybe not. Like I said, only you know the honest details. 


There are things in my life that I will probably go to my grave feeling angry about: regrets I've held onto, mistakes I've made, things I've said when I should have 

Just. Kept. Quiet. 


But you know what? One thing I don't want to hold onto is letting that anger inside me grow. Every time I think about it, I feed it. Every time I lose sleep over it, it towers over me the following day. Every time I make the choice to feed it instead of laying scripture over it, it's dominating me, changing me, stealing precious time away from me. Time that I could be spending feeling content, grateful, joyful, full of grace. 


When I lay scripture over any trial in my life, I'm burying it. Im burying it with truth. Nothing overcomes truth. 


So, what do you need to bury today? What's stealing precious time from you and weighing you down, precious one? 


My suggestion: pop on your running shoes and go for a run. 


Release it. 


Surrender it. 


It may not happen after one day, but it's a start. 

Hello You!

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