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Any coaches out there? Have a church sports league you're in charge of this Fall? How about competitive cheerleading trip, a fundraiser, your first half-marathon coming up soon? 


Some things we believe you'll love about Glory Active is, first of all, our vision, our values. Our quality can compete with the biggest of name brands out there, but our sweet spot is our uniqueness. Every one likes wearing something that is in fashion, but also something that is unique to their own inner self. Who doesn't love a tank that keeps you both comfy AND confident?? We want to do that for you!


We believe what you wear, reflects who you are. That's why we're here. We know the clothes you choose to wear won't magically get you that first place trophy, a new PR or change that number on the scale. But if wearing our apparel gets you fired up about setting the alarm for a morning run before work, then we've done our job! 


There are plenty of leggings out there to choose from, but we want to achieve more than just a new fabric on your body. We want to supply you with a deeper meaning, a bigger picture. Just think of the conversation starters that can happen all because of what you chose to wear one day? 


We wanted activewear out there that is made and intended to glorify our Creator, not just for ourselves - to make faith-based premium activewear that competes with the biggest brands of athletic apparel, but with a higher purpose made in faith and created for His glory!! 


So whether you're an intramural coach with a promising team this season or a stay at home mama who runs errands around town all week, we long to partner with you by designing our premium fitness and leisure lifestyle apparel to connect with your faith. 

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